Someting Wonderful

See this here? This is the start of something wonderful.
And here is another part of this wonderfulness.
Mmmmm...............Chicken n Dumplings. Wonderful!

This was one of my husbands mom's recipes. One of her favorite things to do was cook. And her food was soooooooooo goooooooooooood! Her cooking is just one of the many many things we miss.

A Giveaway Over There

Hi there! Just wanted to share with you the giveaway here for a $25 gift certificate to Dolly Outfitters.

Lots of pretty colors.

When ever we get a chance to get out of town one of the things I love to do while there is visit the antique and thrift shops. I absolutely love to do this. And if I can, I get some yard sales in too. I love anything old, used, vintage, or antique. Here are a few pictures of color I got at some of those places.

Floating glass balls.

Fiesta dishes.

More Fiesta.

And one thing that my husband loves to do is to go anywhere hot rod/car show related. These are shifter knobs my friends. Pretties there too. (Actually cars are very photogenic, and I love taking photos of them.)

Do you have my button? Giveaway

Do you see my Cap Creations button over there one the left side?

Well, if you have been kind enough to add my button to your blog or website please let me know in a comment here on this post. Show me a link to where you have placed it and you will be entered to win a customized i am necklace shown below. You customize with your word that follows the i am. i am loved, i am blessed, i am married, i am single, i am happy, i am saved just to name a few.
And if you don't have the button but would like it, here you go! Be sure to come back here and show me where you have placed it to be entered to win. And thank you for putting it up!

Copy and paste the code onto your website or blog!

The winner will be posted here on the blog and has 72 hrs to claim their prize.

New this week!

I have added a few new pieces over the weekend!

True Love Waits Purity Necklace

Tiny Initial
Family Tree

Etsy loveliness EVERY single month this year!

Hi there just wanted to mention this. As long as you are a follower of an unpink life blog here. You are entered to win cool Etsy loveliness EVERY single month this year! Click here to follow.

DIY Ring Toss Game

This is one of the games I made for my son's last birthday party. It started out as a surf theme but ended up being more boardwalk because there were just so many more activities that we were able to incorporate. This game is fairly easy to make.

I choose Tejava tea bottles because I liked the size. Dumped the tea in a pitcher and put in the fridge. Peel labels, wash and dry.
Next I painted the inside of the bottles. This step could be optional but I wanted them to be colorful. I tried several paints and techniques but spray paint seemed to work best! Photobucket

I had the wooden 7up box (cause I like old/secondhand stuff and just seem to have things like this laying around.) I found the rings at the dollar store in the summertime over with the seasonal pool game/toy isle.Photobucket

I gave the guests tickets to play games and each one won a prize when they played.

If you are planning any party's this year what theme are you going with? And what are your ideas for that.

This is so funny to me.

This post on Joy' s Hope really makes me laugh! And I know it's because I am in CA too and know exactly what she is talking about. And let me just say that she is not exaggerating at all. 3 or 4 days of a mild winter storm and we panic. So funny Julie, thanks for making me laugh.

Get to know your followers.

Hi there! I want to get to know who you the followers of my blog are. I have come up with a few questions for you. I would love for you to answer. You can answer in the comments box or if you like you can use the contact link above to email them to me. I hope you will share.

1. What are your hobbies and interests?

2. What is your favorite blog?

3. Do you work in or out of the home?

4. What is your favorite song?

5. What is your favorite movie?

6. Are you married and do you have any children?

7. How long have you known your best friend?

That's it please share. Thanks!

Hope for Haiti

Have you noticed the Hope for Haiti button on the sidebar over there
<---------? Well Jenny has put some hard work into Hope for Haiti and I will let her share with you what it is about.

Hi, I'm glad you are here. My name is Jenny Buttler and I own Simply Delightful Designs, a small-ish website and blog design company. I live in Corpus Christi, and I am a mother of three. I created Hope for Haiti very quickly in hopes of spreading hope. I have been a big follower of and have read about missions that other bloggers have taken and have always been so touched.

When I heard about the recent earthquake in Haiti, I cringed. I knew that there were many Americans down there right now volunteering. I lay in bed at night wondering if there was anything that I could do to help, even in a small way and God gave me the idea for Hope for Haiti. It may not be much, and I'm not sure how successful any of this will be - but when you have nothing, a little bit can mean a lot!

All money raised from the raffles on Hope for Haiti will be donated to two organizations - The American Red Cross and These are two organizations that are very close to my heart and I hope that you can and will take part in what I hope will be a very exciting and heart-warming fundraiser.

I have been getting items and/or services donated, and each item will be listed individually on Hope for Haiti. To purchase a raffle ticket, simply click the link at the end of the raffle description. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email or leave a comment anywhere on Hope for Haiti and I will get it.
Thank you Jenny for your hard work! We have donated a $75 Gift Certificate for Cap Creations to Hope for Haiti.
Please visit Hope for Haiti today and go buy some raffel tickets to spread hope!

A Family of All Stars

Yup that's us!

Spaghetti tacos anyone?



Thanks iCarly!

i am

A new piece just added to the site here. You customize with your word that follows the i am. What do you think, you like? What would your i am be?

Sunny with a High of 68


What a beautiful day! This is the sky view from my front porch today. High of 68 today, beautiful blue sky, sun and white clouds. Does kinda seem unfair when many others are getting slammed with snow. Sorry Lori ;).

Ella's Bear

Ella's Bear has been successfully moved to our yard! Thanks to the hard work of my awesome husband. His (my husband) mom Ella, well she loved bears. And before she passed away she planted this bear bush in her yard. With the recent talk of my father-in-law and step mom in-law moving, my hubby knew he wanted this bear. He asked his dad and he said yes. It's a good thing because had he said no he would have woke one morning to find this baby gone. Really!

So now she sits in our yard right by the front entrance. She is good size at about 3 feet tall. We are now keeping our fingers crossed that she takes to the move and will continue to thrive. She is a sweet reminder of Ella. Check her out!

My Heart is on the Line and A Giveaway (CLOSED)

hearts home
Check out the new My Heart is on the Line necklace! Up to 4 hearts dangle on the line and names of loved ones are hand-stamped around the edge of the sterling silver disc. Hangs from a sterling silver ball chain. Order now for Valentine's day!
Let's give one away!
To enter: Click here to visit the site then come back and tell us what your favorite item is.
Extra entries: Be a follower, blog, Twitter or Facebook about this giveaway (leave the link in your comment) and leave a separate comment for each that you do.
Open to USA only. Anonymous commenter's please leave an email where I can contact you if you are the winner. Winner will have 72 hrs to claim their prize.

Chuck it!

I am so happy that Chuck is finally coming back to Monday night tv! Yes! And Zach Levi is such a cutie! (Is this why I liked the Chipmunks 2 so much lol?) I love this show! Be sure to check out the promo below (funny). And tune in to nbc for the two-hour season premiere this Sunday January 10 at 9/8c. Then catch the rest of the season at it's regular night and time, Mondays at 8/7c. I know I sound like I getting paid for this. I just ♥ this show!

Oh yeah, come back tomorrow for something fun!

Recycle the Christmas cards you received!

If you still have all of the Christmas cards you received this year - well, here's what you can do with them.

Step 1. Gather cards. {easy}

Step 2. Cut out shapes from the cards (I like circles). rectangles. squares. whatever.
...I use my circle-cutter. But, you can use a larger-sized paper punch or just cut w/ scissors. {pretty easy} can usually get a good number of shapes from each card - vary the sizes of the shapes to get the most out of each card.

So - now you're going to have a bunch of circles (or stars, or squares, or ovals, or rectangles, or octagons...) Have you figured out what we're making yet?

Yep. We're making gift tags. Nothing fancy. But, they will come in handy next year!, just make sure there isn't any writing on the backs of the tags - so you can write the "to & from" later.

Step 3. Punch a hole at the top. {easy}
...I used a 1/8" hole punch

{if you're wondering what that monstrous hole-punch is - well, it's more than a hole punch!}

So - that's pretty much it!! Done.

You've just found a way to "dispose" of all those cards - without feeling bad about pitching them in the trash.

Or, you could let your kids make tags out of the Christmas cards - just have them use wavy/zig-zag/"fancy" scissors to cut-up the cards.

Isn't this great? Now click here for some other great ideas for those Christmas cards. You'll be glad you did!

The Chipmunks 2

Okay so over the Christmas Holiday my mom took my 2 boys and I to see The Chipmunks 2. And I have to say I really enjoyed it. It's just what that movie needed, GIRLS! I found myself several times saying "they are so cute" all of them. So if you are thinking of going, go for it!

New Site

Hi there! Just wanted to invite you to come check out the new site. I tried having it here on blogger. But blogger's not very user friendly when trying to use it like a website instead of a blog. So check out the new Cap Creations site. I will soon be adding more custom pieces and in the future I hope to add other products that are handmade by myself. As for this blog, wellllllllllll, I'm gonna use it like a blog. So you may see some changes here and from time to time you will be hearing from me. Maybe more often than you like. he-he! Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon with some fun stuff!