Soldered Spoon Ring Process

Monday, June 17, 2019

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If you follow along on Facebook or Instagram then you've probably seen some of the stuff I've been making out of vintage silverware. There sure are some pretty silverware patterns y'all!!!

I wanted to share photos of a backend look at one of the soldered rings I made from a silverware handle and some of the steps along the way.

This spoon had a long handle and I thought the long skinny area would make a great band.

I bent the entire handle into a spiral and cut the end off and put aside to make another ring later. 

I then cut the loop off with my jewelers saw, cutting two layers at once.

Tada! Now to file/sand and align the two ends.

All lined up and ready to solder! 

 I took my torch to it and soldered the join together.

Next, it was on to cleaning up my solder join. This takes a bit of time as you want it to match the rest of the ring. As you can see some solder filled the line in the middle that ran around the whole ring. I had to go in with my jewelers saw to add that back in.

From that one spoon handle, I was able to make these two rings. The very tip of the spoon handle wasn't too pretty so that's why I'm showing you the back side of the one on the left.

Anyhow just a look into a day in my shop! Hope you guys are having a great day!
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Magazine Feature!!!

Monday, June 3, 2019

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When Country Sampler magazine contacted me to be included in their Gardens special issue you can imagine how ecstatic I was! UM YES PLEASE!!!

They wanted to include the wheelbarrow fountain that my sweet husband built in their water features article.

 And there it is in all its glory! Super exciting and super fun being included in such a wonderful article. On newsstands now so go get yours. Hurry hurry hurry! Thank you Country Sampler Magazine for including our fountain! 

So what garden or summer projects do y'all have going on?

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