HUGE Cyber Monday Sale!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

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It's Cyber Monday and you know what that means...GREAT DEALS!
Today only Cyber Monday, December 26th all orders can take advantage of 20% off and a free gift with purchase (our NEW Champagne Sparkle earrings)! 

Click HERE to shop now!
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Thrifty Love {link party #52}

Hi friends, time for some Thrifty Love! I invite you to come check out the website. TODAY ONLY, Cyber Monday all orders get 20% off and a free gift with any purchase. Use code cybermonday at checkout!

I have this thrifted goodie to share today, a great little Tonka truck. My boys are in love with it!

Here are some features from last week! Remember to be featured I ask that your post have a link back this link party, that's all.

The Rock for Beginners shares this great frog noise maker thing.
I have seen these and they sound like a real frog! So neat!

My Vintage Life shares this really old and neat book. And I love her pretty peonies.

Woman in Real Life shares some fun jewelry including these.

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Champagne Sparkle Earrings

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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New in the shop, Champagne Sparkle Earrings! Sterling silver paired with crystal beads make up these lovelies. Come get them in the shop. Be sure to keep an eye out on Cyber Monday, these beauties may make an appearance!
Hint Hint
Champagne Sparkle Earrings
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Thrifty Love {link party #51}

Monday, November 19, 2012

Okay so yeah I've been a little MIA lately huh? Here's the scoop! I am now entering my busy season. It's that time of year when I get to make lots of jewelry goodies for Christmas gifts! Many folks know that my jewelry is hand crafted and hand crafted takes time so it's best to order early to guarantee arrival by Christmas. I truly appreciate those early birds! It's also that time for holiday bazaars and sales that keep us busy. Before I enter this season I also try to get all of my own Christmas prep and shopping done for my home and family, this way when there's a mad rush from the business the home front is all a calm! So if I'm a little MIA this time of year that's usually why.

Also just a heads up if you are thinking about ordering, for the first time ever I may be turning off the shopping cart this year on or around December 11th. I don't usually do this however every year I stress on those orders that trail in after my Christmas cut off date. For my peace of mind I may be doing that this year. If you plan on ordering jewelry it's best to do so asap. Click HERE to browse my website.

Now for some Thrifty Love! I want my thrifty friends to know that while I am in my busy season I hope to post the thrifty love link party each week. I may not share my own thrifty thing and I may not have features each week or it might only be one instead of several. The link party will be here though for all to link up and visit each other. I hope you understand and can bear with me through this time of year. Also I am moving the party to Mondays instead of Fridays. Okay? Ooooo-tayyyyyyy!

I do have this vintage first aid kit to share this week.
 And all it's vintage contents!
What have you picked up lately?
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Thrifty Love {link party #50}

Friday, November 2, 2012

Wow! Have we really already had 50 thrifty link parties? That's awesome!

As you may already know, when I'm not thrifting I'm making jewelry. I wanted some fun ideas from y'all about a thrift theme piece of jewelry. What would you like to see in such a piece? Any fun sayings to include? Lets hear it!

This week I am sharing my teacups/cup and saucer sets. I've been collecting these for probably over a year from various thrift shops and yard sales for one purpose and one purpose only, teacup bird feeders! We've got a holiday craft sale coming up and I will be selling these. I know some of you collectors are gonna wanna kill me for turning some of these lovely sets into bird feeders but except for my own china set (that I got when I got married) I just don't collect them! I know I seem to collect everything else so why not teacups? I don't know??? They are just so much cuter as a bird feeder to me! :)
Don't they make you want to have a Mad Hatter tea party? lol!

 Isn't this one lovely? And black... seems rare, I don't see them too often.
 From this... something like this!
So that's what I've been up to lately. How about you?

Check out these features!

Crunchy Diva shares the killer ebay sale she made on this wall unit from the 60's!

2ndhand Moon shows us this fantastic dining set!
I love it, so cool! Isn't it awesome?

Last but definitely not least is this lovely piece from The Cottage Market! Now many of you may already know this but if you're like me and live under a rock then you may not know that The Cottage Market also hosts a thrift theme link-up. Thought you might like to know that if you didn't already!

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Halloween 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Halloween has come and gone. We had a great time carving pumpkins, eating jack o lantern pizza and pumpkin cupcakes, trick or treating, and more fun and games at the Fallelujah fair! Lots of goodies and sweet treats!

I thought our jack o lanterns were so great I had to share.

Awesome Cross and Fish by this little soldier.

Vampire and Bat by my adorable little skeleton. Can you see a face and a bat (above)?

We hope you had a safe and fun Halloween. Now to eat all that candy candy candy!
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