Halloween Around Our Home

Monday, October 7, 2019

Sharing our touch of Halloween around our home. 
I love old fashion/vintage feel, as well as pretty and fun Halloween decorations. Not into horror or gore at all!

This is the top of our mailbox. A large terracotta Jack-o-lantern that mimics a trick or treat pail. We've wrapped a leaf garland around the base and inside are some solar-powered lights that turn on at dark.

On the top of the buffet in the dining area, we have our "pumpkin patch". The same concept as a village but a pumpkin patch instead! I couldn't get a picture across the top so photos are broken into left, center, right.

We've got random pumpkins and characters scattered through our little pumpkin patch.

We can surely use more pumpkins but I like them to look vintage/old fashion or pretty so I only pick them up if they're just right. Usually at thrift shops.

This guy was my first and still my favorite! 

Seems to be made of paper mache or plaster and his head bobbles!

My mom's an avid quilter and she made me this table runner this year! She knew my strange mind would love this Halloween fabric and I do!!! It's reversible and fall-themed on the other side. 

A simple ceramic jack-o-lantern with a timer candle on our coffee table.

A small pumpkin in a glass cloche on our breakfast bar. My mom made this table runner also!

Lastly a couple of my free fall printables hanging in our living room.

We also have our DIY pumpkin wreath on our front door and a few pumpkins outside and that's about it, just a touch! 
After Halloween, we'll take down the characters, flip the table runners to the fall side and turn the jack-o-lantern faces to the back so we'll only see the pumpkin side.

How about you? Do you go all out for Halloween or just a touch?

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Easy Skull Succulent Planter

Monday, September 30, 2019

I am so happy to share this Skull Succulent Planter. It's easy, it's DIY, and the skull is from the dollar store!

I am not a BIG fan of scary Halloween decor, are you? For some reason though I have always liked skulls, and every year around Halloween time they are readily available. My son asked me why I liked them and I wasn't too sure lol! I told him because they are interesting (question mark).  When I saw this skull at the Dollar Tree I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Supplies needed are: 
Premade Paper Template (optional)
Craft Knife or Box Cutter
Moss (optional)

Some of my supplies are pictured here but not all. I did use moss and more succulents that I actually snipped from around my yard. 

First, draw a line around your skull where you want to cut. If you want to make a paper template first for size reference and placement you can. That's what I did. 

Cut along your line with a craft knife or box cutter. Cutting is fairly easy just be careful and take your time.

I took absolutely no photos of the next steps! Ugh! Why? But the hard part's done lol!
Next, poke a few drain holes on the bottom. I did two about 1/4 inch in size with my box cutter. Just poked it in and turned it a few times. 

Now fill with dirt and add succulents as you please! My two scrawny succulents weren't enough so I clipped some pieces from random ones around my home. Just snip them off and place them in and they will root themselves or you can buy more if you like.

When you have your plants in place just as you like take a handful of moss and fully wet. Put small bunches of it in the bare spots to cover the soil. This step if totally optional however I think it adds to the look and you can pick it up at the Dollar Tree too!

Isn't it cool?

I love it!

Here's the back/top side.

It looks so cool in the house with my other Halloween decor.

As you can tell from the photo overload I absolutely love how this skull succulent came out! I thought about making a few for gifts but I know others don't share my skull obsession. Would you like one as a gift or is it too creepy for your taste?

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Free Pumpkin Patch Fall Printable

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Hi all, I'm here today with a new freebie to share. A fall theme printable because goodbye summer, I am sooooo ready for fall!

I love these seasonal printables because they're a quick and easy way to add some festive cheer to your space! Also great for crafting with, just print them out and go! Please let me know if you'd like to continue seeing these free printables on the blog.
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Thrifted Art Makeover

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hey y'all, still here and still love thrifting! Today I want to share my thrifted art, makeover. I actually picked this up a really long time ago (so long ago) because I LOVED the frame. It's pretty right? The art is nice but I wasn't in love with it, a bit drab for my taste.

My bathroom is beach theme so I wanted to add some ocean here. I took the art out of the frame. It was just a lightweight board and I painted right over the existing art in shades of blue and tan. 

 Psalm 93:4 is one that I love and I wanted to add it to my beach theme bathroom. I took some 2-inch vinyl letters and cut them out. I laid them out till I was happy with the layout and marked it for placement.

I drew the guide lines (in pencil so I could erase later). The little lines mark where the first letter begins and the long line marks bottom alignment for each letter.

 Then I peeled the backs of each letter and carefully stuck them on and then erased the pencil lines.

Next, I painted over the entire thing, letters and all in a color of my choice. I did 2 coats.

Before it was fully dry I removed the vinyl letters one by one.

And here's what I was left with!

I wanted it a bit worn and shabby so I lightly sanded the entire thing.

I popped it back it the frame and ta-done! 
I love it and now I don't want to hide it away in my bathroom! The frame colors matched perfectly with my beach theme however if needed you could paint the frame too.

These are the vinyl letters I used. I actually had to get more because I ran out of certain letters which explains the two different types. These were from Target...

...and the Dollar Tree. 
I can't really recommend one over the other as they both worked well, the Dollar Tree ones however had quite a bit less in the pack.

So there you have it! Whatcha think?

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Dollar Store Patriotic / 4th of July Decor

Monday, July 1, 2019

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Patriotic decor is one of my favorites! I mean the Red the White the Blue, the love for my country! What's not to love? One such decoration is this simple and affordable table piece.

I was able to pick up all of these items at my local Dollar Tree.

Super easy, cut ribbon to size of vase rim and hot glue. Place pinwheel in the vase and drop the stars around it. That's it! Ta-done!!! I told you that was easy! 

The pinwheel will actually spin inside the vase so how fun would these be as table centerpieces at your outdoor Fourth of July or other patriotic celebrations? As the breeze comes along it just might spin the pinwheel!
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Soldered Spoon Ring Process

Monday, June 17, 2019

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If you follow along on Facebook or Instagram then you've probably seen some of the stuff I've been making out of vintage silverware. There sure are some pretty silverware patterns y'all!!!

I wanted to share photos of a backend look at one of the soldered rings I made from a silverware handle and some of the steps along the way.

This spoon had a long handle and I thought the long skinny area would make a great band.

I bent the entire handle into a spiral and cut the end off and put aside to make another ring later. 

I then cut the loop off with my jewelers saw, cutting two layers at once.

Tada! Now to file/sand and align the two ends.

All lined up and ready to solder! 

 I took my torch to it and soldered the join together.

Next, it was on to cleaning up my solder join. This takes a bit of time as you want it to match the rest of the ring. As you can see some solder filled the line in the middle that ran around the whole ring. I had to go in with my jewelers saw to add that back in.

From that one spoon handle, I was able to make these two rings. The very tip of the spoon handle wasn't too pretty so that's why I'm showing you the back side of the one on the left.

Anyhow just a look into a day in my shop! Hope you guys are having a great day!
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