Come Join My New Adventure {Oh My Craft Supply Group}

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Hello all! If you've been hanging around here from the beginning then you know that besides making jewelry there are many other things I like to do/make. Crafting is a BIG one! From "garden junk" and DIY to smaller crafts and printables, I love it all!

This love of crafting has inspired me to embark on a new adventure! I've started a new Facebook crafting group called Oh My Craft Supply Group. Along with this group is a FB page and very soon an Etsy craft supply shop! 

My hope is that all of you crafty peeps that love crafting like I do, will come and join this group. The goal is to grow this group with members that genuinely want to be there. Members that love to share their crafts and love to help and inspire other crafters too! If that's you please join the group.

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