Coming Soon In Country Sampler Special Issue

Monday, April 15, 2019

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Just a little bit excited!!!! Can't wait to share this news with you!

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Wine Cork Shadow Box

Monday, April 8, 2019

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You see the wine cork shadow box on the left? This beautiful piece was created from a thrift store picture frame. It was a gift for my sis in law. She sent me this picture to use so you can see how it's sitting pretty in her lovely home!

Below is the picture I picked up at the thrift store. You can use many sizes of frames for this project just pick the size you like or what fits your needs.

You need some basic wood cutting and nailing skills or at least be able to figure that out. Basically, all you do is build a box the size of your frame with 1x2 boards. 

Glue burlap or whatever backing you like to a flat backer board. And sandwich them all together. I nailed them all together so there's no getting it apart and no getting the corks out.

The trickiest part is getting the glass to stay in place. I'm sure you can glue it or caulk it and that might be easier and actually look better. In fact, if I make another I might try that. On this one, I glued very thin trim pieces to hold the glass. You can kind of see one in the photo below.  

Before putting all together and before painting, drill a hole large enough to fit a cork, in the center of the board that will be on top.

Corks drop right through the hole and land where they will! I dropped just a few to make sure it worked.

For the glass decoration, you can do a pretty vinyl piece and that's it. I know tons of you have handy vinyl cutters! I had my friend make the circle and the M (last name initial) on her Cricut and I used the negative space from it (you know that parts that you usually weed out and toss) to etch the glass with a product from the craft store called Armour Etch.

This project turned out great and I was very happy with the outcome.

You really can make these to hold any small objects. Legos or small toys would look neat inside! Or seashells would be pretty! What would you put inside?

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