DIY Ring Toss Game

Friday, January 22, 2010

This is one of the games I made for my son's last birthday party. It started out as a surf theme but ended up being more boardwalk because there were just so many more activities that we were able to incorporate. This game is fairly easy to make.

I choose Tejava tea bottles because I liked the size. Dumped the tea in a pitcher and put in the fridge. Peel labels, wash and dry.

Next I painted the inside of the bottles. This step could be optional but I wanted them to be colorful. I tried several paints and techniques but spray paint seemed to work best!

I had the wooden 7up box (cause I like old/secondhand stuff and just seem to have things like this laying around.) I found the rings at the dollar store in the summertime over with the seasonal pool game/toy isle.

I gave the guests tickets to play games and each one won a prize when they played.

If you are planning any party's this year what theme are you going with? And what are your ideas for that.


  1. That is so neat!
    I don't have any parties planned, but I know this sure would keep my nephews and niece busy when they come over! We could even do this inside when we can't make it outside. I'll be doing this sometime in the future!

  2. that is so awsome. I am going to have to try it myself. thanks for posting about it. I am now following you from friday follows. have a great day.

  3. wow what a great idea!thanks for sharing,stopping by from Friday Follow!

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  5. that's really neat. We don't have any parties planned.

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  9. Came from its Fun to craft. This is a GREAT idea. How much fun that would be at a carnival or circus party. I will have to totally keep that in mind.

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  10. I love that. What a fun game! Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' at Fun to Craft.