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From the Garden

Something so rustic and beat ...

...becomes so pretty when adding flowers.

We love our flowers and we love our "garden junk" as we like to call it.

Last summer we bought a little six pack of these flowers. I'm sorry I don't recall the name. When they died I told my son that if we keep the seeds from the dead flowers we can plant them again for next summer. From that one six pack he collected thousands and I mean thousands of seeds! He saved them all winter long and in the spring we planted them. They are doing fantastic! We only wish we would have planted them all, all over the yard.

You can bet we will be collecting the seeds again this year! He did such a great job caring for them. He planted, he watered and he patiently waited. He looks at them daily and says "I can't believe how much my flowers have grown!" love it.

Love him seeing how is work and patience has paid off!!! Serious patience going on here by the way. From the waiting all winter to plant the seeds to the waiting until they sprout to the waiting on the flowers to bloom.

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  1. awesome! I have a red & white texaco oil drum that I was trying to grow sunflowers in this summer but they didn't make it! ahhhh! so hopefully next year we'll have results to show you! I LOVE it! And how great that your kiddo gets to see the fruits of his labor!

  2. It is amazing the difference the flowers make! I think it looks so great, and WAY TO GO to your son for doing such a fantastic job!!

    -Many Smiles!

  3. This is absolutely pretty! i stumbled upon obviously from the linky and loved it. Gonna be visiting!!!



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