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Potato Stamp - How To

One of the activities on our Valentine Countdown Cards is to make potato stamps, then use those stamps to create Valentine cards. I am SURE most all of you know how to do this but thought I'd share how we do it.

Cut a large potato in half.
Take whatever shape cookie cutter you want to use and push it into the potato. Cookie cutter should be smaller than the potato.
With cookie cutter still in place carefully cut around the potato. Keeping the cookie cutter in place will protect your shape from getting cut off.
 Remove area that you cut.
 Remove cookie cutter and carefully cut away/peel potato that is near the shape. Round and smooth the edges.
 Add paint and stamp!
Stamp away!!

Have you done any of the Valentine Countdown Activity Cards? We also had lots of fun planting the seeds! The boys were totally into it!
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  1. I always wondered how to get the stamp so perfect! Genius! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ash! Pretty easy right?

  3. My kids love this activity! We have also used the heart and green paint to make shamrocks for St. Patty's day!

  4. Love this idea...Love your Blog...Thanks for passing our Info along. God Bless you :)!

    The Hartmans

  5. @ Blaisdell Fam - great idea for the shamrocks out of hearts and green paint!

    @ Ben and Melanie - Thanks for the great comments! And anytime! Good luck with everything!

  6. so creative love it im your newest follower from the hop

  7. Oh boy this brings back memories! I done this as a kid and i done it with my older kids...think its time my younger two got to try it now! thanks for the reminder on this fun craft Cat!! :)


  8. Love this! Gonna have to try for St Pattys day! We are new followers!



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