Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Necklace

Friday, July 31, 2020

Hello, friends, new item in the shop! It's an awareness necklace for type 1 diabetes. $10 from every one sold will be donated to a type 1 organization of our choice.

The plan is to add other type 1 items and donate a portion from each of them as well in the future. So keep checking back for that.

Many of these organizations are working hard to find a cure, and many help people living with type 1 until there is a cure. They rely on donations to help fund diabetic alert dogs, pay for needed medical supplies and medications, to educate, to support newly diagnosed (because this can be a very scary time). They pay for diabetes camp for kids whose families can't afford the tuition and so much more!

This disease is so misunderstood and greatly confused and lumped with type 2 diabetes. They are NOT the same! It honestly is a whole different monster and in my opinion, it should have an entirely different name. Type 1 is a life long struggle with no breaks or vacations ever. It's a difficult life that nobody should have to live and it desperately needs a cure. If the whole world understood first hand the struggle of a type 1, I believe there would be a cure already. You don't know it until you live it.

Organizations we like:
City of Hope - Wanek Family Project to Cure Type 1 Diabetes
T1D Mod Squad
Beyond Type 1

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