Thrifted Art Makeover

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hey y'all, still here and still love thrifting! Today I want to share my thrifted art, makeover. I actually picked this up a really long time ago (so long ago) because I LOVED the frame. It's pretty right? The art is nice but I wasn't in love with it, a bit drab for my taste.

My bathroom is beach theme so I wanted to add some ocean here. I took the art out of the frame. It was just a lightweight board and I painted right over the existing art in shades of blue and tan. 

 Psalm 93:4 is one that I love and I wanted to add it to my beach theme bathroom. I took some 2-inch vinyl letters and cut them out. I laid them out till I was happy with the layout and marked it for placement.

I drew the guide lines (in pencil so I could erase later). The little lines mark where the first letter begins and the long line marks bottom alignment for each letter.

 Then I peeled the backs of each letter and carefully stuck them on and then erased the pencil lines.

Next, I painted over the entire thing, letters and all in a color of my choice. I did 2 coats.

Before it was fully dry I removed the vinyl letters one by one.

And here's what I was left with!

I wanted it a bit worn and shabby so I lightly sanded the entire thing.

I popped it back it the frame and ta-done! 
I love it and now I don't want to hide it away in my bathroom! The frame colors matched perfectly with my beach theme however if needed you could paint the frame too.

These are the vinyl letters I used. I actually had to get more because I ran out of certain letters which explains the two different types. These were from Target...

...and the Dollar Tree. 
I can't really recommend one over the other as they both worked well, the Dollar Tree ones however had quite a bit less in the pack.

So there you have it! Whatcha think?


  1. This is a gorgeous makeover! What a great idea!

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