What Courage Looks Like

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Exactly one year ago today this kid was diagnosed with a life-changing chronic illness. Today is his one year anniversary or what they call it in the type 1 diabetes world, his diaversary.

At first, I thought why on earth would anyone choose to celebrate this horrible horrible day? Why would you want to remember it at all? Then I realized something.

We are NOT celebrating having type 1 or him being in the ICU or hospital that dreadful week. We are NOT celebrating the uninvited or unwelcomed forever-changes. We are NOT celebrating countless finger sticks, needle pokes, blood draws, doctor visits or tears.  We are NOT celebrating the calculation of every single carb put into his body and then countered with insulin. We are NOT celebrating high and low blood sugars or sleepless nights. We are NOT celebrating the tons of misinformation or bad diabetes jokes. Sugar does not cause type 1 diabetes, in fact, sugar can actually save my son's life! Every single one of these things that we are NOT celebrating can GO KICK ROCKS!

What we ARE celebrating is his life being saved that day! 
We ARE celebrating a doctor that knew exactly what to check for! We ARE celebrating his bravery! 
We ARE celebrating his courage! 
We ARE celebrating his strength.
We ARE celebrating him being a fighter every single day and night, 24/7, even though others can't see it or understand it. 
We ARE celebrating him doing life on top of doing the hard things of type 1 diabetes. 
Until there is a cure we ARE celebrating him being a DIABADASS!

In the type 1 diabetes community, a perfect 100 blood sugar is called a unicorn. Please pray for unicorns! And a cure!

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