Firmoo Eyeglasses Review

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hi guys! I was pretty stoked when Firmoo contacted me about doing an eyeglass review for them. You see, just a few weeks before, at my eye exam I was told that I needed glasses. Boo! (It happens to the best of us a some point I guess.)

At Firmoo I was able to select my glasses online.

Upload my new eyeglass prescription.

Submit my order and then sit back, relax and wait for my new glasses to be shipped right to me! It doesn't get any easier than that! I selected these and I LOVE how they fit and look!

I had a very pleasant shopping experience with Firmoo. I did not run into any problems or issues at all! I placed my order and 4 days later they were shipped out custom lenses and all! Actual shipping time did take about 2 weeks however.

Included was the following:
Case with a really cool map design that I absolutely LOVE!
Cleaning Cloth
Fabric glass holder/pocket.
Tiny Screwdriver and Spare Screws

You can visit Firmoo and get your own pair too at very affordable prices! 

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