Thrift Store Desk Before & After

Monday, June 1, 2015

I found this adorable little desk at the thrift store one day. It just so happened to be sale day so I picked it up for under $12! Yay me!!! I had been looking for a desk for quite some time so I knew it was a steal. It was a bit rough but with good structure.

I stained with Minwax, Red Mahogany and painted the drawers with Valspar Cathedral Stone. The knobs came with it except for one. The gunk and gold tone came right off the knobs with a green scrubbie pad! They now have a brushed silver tone.  Does it look horribly bad with that one middle one different? This desk is for my kiddo and I don't think he cares.

So what cha think?

  Are you working on any projects for the summer?


  1. That desk is fabulous! I love that you went with a two-toned look. The Mahogany stain is perfect. And I didn't notice the different knob until you mentioned it! Great thrifting makeover!! Kudos!

  2. @Crystal Thank you Crystal glad you like it! Awesome that you did not notice the knob. Yay!

  3. Holy cow, you did an amazing job! It looks like a totally different desk! I didn't even notice the different knob, but I actually like it because it's on the larger drawer.

  4. @Tiffany Thank you Tiff! Looks like the knob is NOT an issue. Yay!

  5. Omigoodness, looove this!! I bet that would have cost $1,300 at West Elm! :) Great job!