Thrifty Love {link party #38}

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello thrifty people! It's that time again! Time to share your thrifty treasures for the week. I want to thank those of you that took a moment to share your selling tips last week. What I got from it is that etsy requires a bit of patience. I guess you have to build a presence there and a following (???) I guess you can call it.

Here are a couple of my recent finds starting with this vintage bar set.

These vintage mugs are pretty neat too. I love that little pedestal base!

These are listed in my vintage etsy shop if anyone is interested. I love checking out what you all pick up! It inspires me to get out there. I do check out every link, I don't always comment (especially now that summer is in full swing) but know that I do come by and appreciate you linking! Also, if you have any requests or tips for this link party LET ME KNOW! ;)

Here are some features from last week.

Little Mouse's House shares lots of goodies!
The thimbles set is adorable, be sure to check it out.

Tatter and Fray (one of my favorites each week) always
manages to find the greatest things like these cute little duckies.

I had to share this DIY wooden head knock off from The Pickin' Pair.
I ALWAYS want to snag those styrofoam heads when I see them but NEVER do
cause what ever would I do with it??? Now I know! Yeah I like weird things like that lol!

Time to link up party people!


  1. Just happened to be checking my blog when you launched your party. Thanks for hosting!

    Love your bar set and this weeks features. Good luck with your Esty shop.

  2. Great features. I really like those tiny books and the Styrofoam head. I purchased a few of them about a year ago, sold them, and now I'm looking for more.

  3. I always check out the sewing baskets and containers when I am out thrifting. Sometimes there are some great surprises. Thanks for hosting, glad I had something to share.

  4. Thanks so much for the feature! Of course I'm loving that cocktail set...beautiful! Heather

  5. Great finds - love the mugs! Wonderful features too!