Thrifty Love {link party #37}

Friday, July 20, 2012

Okay so today I am asking for some pointers on selling your vintage or thrifted items. I have always sold my handmade jewelry on my website and rarely on etsy or any other site like that. I have started selling a few jewelry items on etsy to get the hang of it but am mostly using that for my thrifted, vintage items. Got any etsy pointers for a newbie?

It has been a very slow start on etsy. I am trying to keep my prices reasonable but at the same time I want it to be worth my while or what's the point right? I am being careful to charge actual shipping costs or real close to it because frankly I don't like it when the seller is making money off of the shipping. I think I am using good photos and descriptions. One thing I know I can work on is adding more product!

I have also done a few things on ebay in the past and a few just recently and have to say I have had better luck over there. I was quite shocked at the amount of their fees though. Not the listing fee which was free but the final sale fees! Yikes!

I have checked out some of your shops and I can tell from your sales that your items are selling. If you don't mind sharing, give us some pointers. PLEASE :)

Here's a few thrifty things I have picked up recently. They are available in my vintage etsy shop if anyone is interested. First is this fun and funky ice bucket. In my favorite color! Picked this up at that church yard sale. I love that sale!

I also picked up these forks. Don't you just love those colors?

Last I'll share this vintage Pyrex measuring cup.

Now how about you guys? I just have to say WOW! Y'all have found some pretty awesome stuff! Check out these features from last week!

Something to be Found scored these beauties for FREE!
Are they fantastic or what?

Cheerful Thrifty Door picked up a whole set of these lovelies.
Including the butter dish, gravy boat, platters and more!

I simply adore these bowls from Second Time Around!

Show us what you got!

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  1. Thanks for hosting. I'm thrifting with a camera, not buying stuff right now so I look, enjoy and take a picture. I've had a booth in a collectibles mall and that was a lot of work, hard to put in the right kind of stock and eventually had to shut it down, garage sale a lot of the stock etc. Still love buying thrifted goods, especially garden and metal.

  2. Wow, thanks for featuring my polka dotted pyrex. What a nice surprise. I added Cherries in a Pyrex dish, hosta and a vintage photo this week. Thank you for hosting.

  3. Thanks for hosting. Fun to join in. Rain here, started last night after a week of sunshine.

  4. Thanks for hosting. Fun to join in. Rain here, started last night after a week of sunshine.

  5. That ice bucket is so cute! I'm sharing the thrifted items I added to my antique mall booth this week.

  6. Thanks for hosting! Love your forks, great features too.

    I consign at a local store, thinking of doing Etsy or eBay, so also want to see what others have to say.

  7. I was thrilled to see that you featured my dishes, thank you. I enjoy linking up to your party every week, thanks for hosting each week.

  8. Thanks for hosting as always! Your Etsy shop looks great. My only advice is that it takes time. People on Etsy seem to "browse," in my opinion, as opposed to eBay, where people just search for the exact item they want. On Etsy, it seems that getting seen is half the battle, and that gets easier once you build of a following of "favoriters" who browse your shop regularly. It's kind of like blogging, actually! :)

  9. Love the colors on those fork handles!! Thanks for hosting this week - so glad to join in.

    Yes, as Heather said - Etsy takes longer to make sales at first but the fees are more favorable. (when listing, figuring out the shipping takes me the longest - I like eBay's calculated shipping better!)

  10. You found some really fun vintage thrify treasures! Thank you for sharing at TTF last week! I hope you are having a terrific day!

  11. The best thing I would say, early on, is perfect your photographing techniques. Make your items as attractive as you can in the photos :)

    Fees can be surprising. I have a shop on ebay, and that's been worth it to me, financially, with lower listing fees and lower final sale fees. All in all, it's what's best for you, and what you want to do.

  12. I have sold vintage goods on Etsy for over a year now. The most important thing I have learned is when I am active with my shop, my listings are seen more. So updating a listing or two every day or two. Adding one to three listings a day rather than 12 in one day and then nothing for several days. I can always tell when I have not been listing or tweeking my listings, my sales seem to slow down.
    I love Etsy because of the friendliness there. Have never had a problem with anyone. Feels like a family. Ebay, I sell once in a while. Mostly problems such as non-buyers and rarely any communication at all.
    As far as shipping, I don't have a problem with the person adding a little bit to actual shipping. So if it is going to be $7.95 I probably will list $8 or $5.35, maybe $5.50, for example. It costs to buy packing materials and sometimes boxes as well as we pay fees on the shipping charged. So if you are charging actual shipping cost for USPS then you are really losing some money there.
    Just my thoughts. Good luck.

  13. Hi!! Thank you for featuring my orange chairs! :)

    Great questions about Etsy too. I have thought about starting a store but I know NOTHING. I've heard shipping can be difficult. I think I am going try and tack etsy this winter.

    Thanks again!