The Death of A Fish • Goodbye Nemo

Monday, June 25, 2012

Who knew the death of a fish could be so sad. On 6/10/12 my husband and son found my son's fish dead. I'm sitting in the living room and suddenly hear my son crying. This cry sounded different like something was really wrong. I go into his room to discover the sad news. He was sooooo upset.

We got him this fish as a reward. You see he was terrified to go to the dentist. As he had already had a bad experience once. You know how it goes first time parents dealing with first time experiences. The child flipped at xray time. And I mean flipped! Now they tell me he needed some work done and we have to go back in a few. Then they give me all this info about the gas they will use and a papoose board if needed and so on! So then I started to flip and was a nervous wreck especially at the thought of that papoose board. Are you kidding me with that thing, should that even be legal?!

We decide to tell my son if you do good at the dentist we will get you a fish. Well he did brilliant! So straight to the pet store we go! We get a fish, a bowl, some rocks, and a small plant to make Nemo a home. We thought a little fish to keep him from being placed in that board was worth it. Fish don't live long anyway right? Well that's what we thought.

Little did we know! You see Nemo was almost 5 years old! This kid got this fish when he was just three and he just turned 8. He's had him for more than half of his life! His bowl was upgraded several times which finally ended up being a small tank. A tank that was right on the nightstand next to his bed.

It made me sad to have him crying in my arms saying I love Nemo. :( Poor little guy. I feel so bad for him.  I knew this day would come. I just thought it would have been a VERY long time ago before my son actually got attached or even really understood. Nemo lived soooo long, it didn't even cross my mind at times. You see my friends the death of a fish happens to be very a sad thing in our home. Goodbye Nemo you will be missed.
Here's a picture from happy times.

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