Perfect time for teacup bird feeders.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things are looking pretty around here. Perfect weather coming soon! And just about the perfect time to get some teacup bird feeders made.

I needed a last-minute gift cause yeah I procrastinate on things like that! And since I love to thrift shop I have plenty of cups and saucers around and was able to whip this up in a day!

Now you can't wait till the last minute, last minute cause you have to let the glue dry but at least 24 hrs in advance should do. Is it not the most adorable bird feeder ever?! I had to snag a picture!

You can get the full teacup bird feeder tutorial here and make one too. Don't forget Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Day is coming real soon and these would make fantastic gifts for mamas and teachers! Yeah?


  1. Ahh thanks for the reminder...I remember your original tutorial ;} These are just so darn cute!

  2. Hello, Cute idea. Do you have the Feathered Friends tags as a printable?

  3. Where can I find the feathered friends tag? I cant read it all.

  4. @Anonymous You can find the feathered friends tag at the following link.