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What I Love About the Thrift Store {link party #17}

Hey thrifty friends. Welcome back for another thrifty link up. First I want to announce that Comment #11 who is Kristine Kuert is the lucky winner of the store credit for the  live.laugh.rowe giveaway. Congrats Kristine!

I went to 2 thrift stores this week, very quickly. I found absolutely nothing! Hate it when that happens. So I have no photos to share this week.

Last week I asked for your tips on reselling your thrifty finds. Which by the way please share more tips. I want to thank Laurie who shared the link to download this book Etsy 101 for free! And even better when you down load the book, inside it shows you how you can also request a free hard copy! While supplies last. I requested mine and already got it in the mail today!!! Yippee! Thank you Laurie for the great tip!

I do want to share these lovely dishes that Just a Little Southern Hospitality linked up.

These dishes bring back so many memories. My mother has a pretty large collection of these. And they were used at my bridal shower. They were used again for my baby shower. So pretty and fancy, perfect for a lovely luncheon.

Okay friends, so what did you find this week? And be sure to share any selling tips in the comments. Tips on etsy, ebay, shipping and anything else you feel would be useful.

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  1. This is my first time linking up here, so I thought I would say hi!

    I started selling my thrifty finds on Etsy a few weeks before Christmas, and it has been great! There is such a huge audience on there you get tons of hits without doing much. I read a bunch of tips on the Etsy blog (and emails Etsy sends its sellers about improving your shop), and the three things I think are most important are:
    1. To be more searchable on Etsy, name your items with keywords that people are looking for when they want something like what you're selling. Put the most important descriptive words towards the beginning of the title. Also, use all your tags to add key words like color, material, and style.
    2. Write a thorough description. Explain how the item will improve their life, home decor, or whatever. Make sure you include item dimensions and condition.
    3. TAKE GREAT PICTURES! That's what makes your item stand out when people are searching. I don't know why I left this for last, because it's probably the most important. Use pretty backgrounds, keep it simple, and use natural lighting!

    You can check out my Etsy shop here: a living space on Etsy

    Sorry for this beast of a comment. I'm by no means an expert since I just started selling recently, but it's definitely a steep learning curve so I learned a lot fast :)

  2. My tip right now is to make sure your shipping is accurage. Rates went up a week ago and depending on how you figure shipping, you may be under pricing your shipping.



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