{What Do I Know of Holy}: Perfume on a Casket

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Authenticity. Sincerity. Openness. Honesty.

What do these 4 words have in common, you ask?! Why do I bring them up?

Unfortunately, I have found them to be scare, almost non-existent, in today's churches and religious circles.

What about you? Has this been your experience?

Show me in the Bible where it says that we need to cover-up our sin, hide our mistakes and just put on a "happy face" no matter what trials, tribulations, tragedies, struggles, etc we are going through.

Have you struggled with this - or even been told that you need to "wear the mask"?

Last week we talked about the fact that God does not ask us to "get our act together" before coming to him and that churches are not a "museum for the good" but on the contrary, a "hospital for the broken." Go here to catch up if you missed it. And go here to watch the incredible video that this I HATE RELIGION series is based upon.

Today I would like to take it one step further and urge you to...

Be. Real.

Image and artwork by one of my favorite little etsy shops, Barn Owl Primitives.

Do not be influenced by "fake" Christians. You know the ones I am talking about - who seem to have it "all together," always telling you "what you want to hear," putting up a wall and pretending everything is okay when they are dying inside.

I do not want to be harsh or critical, so hear me when I say that all churches and followers of Christ are not this way. But this is a trend in our society that has infiltrated many churches and religious circles. And I want to be clear in saying - this trend is not of God. God does not ask us to mask our problems and lie to those who care about us.

In fact, doing this gives Satan a stronghold and allows him to thrive. And when this happens, Christ's mission is derailed.

Life is tough. Trials are many. And it is during these times that we need support from our brothers and sisters in Christ more than ever.

Now, am I saying that we need to "boast in our sin" or "air our dirty laundry"? Absolutely not.

In fact, go here and read what Amanda of Baby Bangs has to say on the subject. Amanda is a fellow pastor's wife and happens to be the daughter of Beth Moore. She discusses this very topic here and says it better than I ever could.

They can't fix their problems and so they just mask it - not realizing that religion is like spraying perfume on a casket. 

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