{DIY} Mason Jar Soap Dispenser - By Heather Bullard

Monday, August 1, 2011

Absolutely love this mason jar soap dispenser by Heather Bullard and she was kind enough to let us share it here on the Cap Creations blog! Here it is in her own words.


I made this Mason Jar Soap Dispenser to use on my potting bench. I'm always needing to wash my hands after working in the garden and this sturdy jar should last me a lifetime of hand scrubbing. I think it would look just as great in a bath or kitchen and I thought some of you might want to make one too. Here's how to do it:

Gather your supplies...old plastic soap bottle, mason jar, 2 part epoxy, drill, scissors and marker. A box cutter also came in handy in removing the top of the soap bottle.

Cut off the top of the soap bottle leaving the screw threading intact. Also leave a small rim just below the threads for the epoxy. Drill a hole in the mason jar lid so your bottle top will fit through it snugly.

Mix the epoxy according to the package directions and apply to lower rim of bottle top. This will make a water tight seal. Please excuse my hand model...he's been building a hen house (chicken mansion) for us and is a bit dirty. But that's another story for another day.

Lastly, insert the pump through the hole and screw tightly to secure. Let it dry according to the epoxy instructions before using. If you're not worried about the seal being water tight and don't mind the pump spinning around you can completely skip the epoxy step. It's entirely up to you. : )  All that's left is to fill it with your favorite soap and put it to good use. Enjoy!

Thank you for sharing Heather! Be sure to check out Heather Bullard the Blog for some major loveliness!

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