Dollar Store Standouts

Friday, January 14, 2011

Occasionally I browse my local dollar stores and find items that I like to call standout items. Items that just seem to catch your attention because they are neat, different, useful or quality items. Here are a few that I recently came across. These are all form my local Dollar Tree.
Crayola Twist Markers

Ceramic Bobble Heads for painting. - These are going into our summer box! Starting a summer box right now that we will fill with activities that we find through the year that will come in handy for summer use.
Cute Valentine Stamp for Teacher! Wish is was red or pink though.

Now these next two aren't necessarily standout but they are quite handy.
Cotton Twine
 And these cello Basket Bags are exactly the perfect size for our Diaper Cake!
How about you, any dollar store standout items lately?

1 comment:

  1. Cute finds! I just did the same thing with Xmas craft items for my daughter for the Holidays this year....everything is so cheap right now!

    Those bobble heads are too sweet :)