Meet 2 new adoption families!

Friday, August 27, 2010

We have 2 new families that we are helping to raise adoption funds for. Click HERE for more info about this cause!

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu

Hi! We are Jeff, Amber, and our two sons Carson (age 8) and Kolby (age 5).
We are a fun-loving, frog-catching, bike-riding, bug-holding, dirt-collecting, Lego-building, horse-riding, scrapbooking, model train making, sometimes silly, rarely quiet, but always praying, Jesus-loving family who have one thing in common... lots of love waiting for a sister/daughter to make our family complete.

Both of us are teachers. Jeff is a middle school science teacher and Amber is an elementary music teacher. We have been married for 13 years and can honestly say we are each other's best friends! We are both very active in our church- Amber plays keyboard with the band, and Jeff works with the high school youth group. We love serving and just returned from a mission trip to Mexico!

Family is the most important thing in our life and we have always wanted a large family. Although we had no problems getting pregnant with our boys, when we started trying for a third child, it just wasn't to be. We had always thought about adopting internationally and we knew that God was leading us and molding our hearts for adoption. We are currently waiting to be matched with a baby girl from South Korea! Its impossible to describe the joy and excitement we feel!! We know He has placed this in our hearts to care for the orphans of this world. There are 143 million orphans and hopefully next spring, there will be one less. We know the journey ahead will be long and may not be easy. But we know that at the end of our journey will be waiting a special little girl... our daughter. An incredible gift that God had waiting for us all along.

Please visit our blog.... Waiting For You

Brandon and Courtney Thornton
 Brandon and I met as teenagers and were instant best friends. Our friendship blossomed into love, and we have now been married for four years. Even before we married, we knew that adoption was part of God’s plan for growing our family. We expected that this would come later in our marriage, but a few months ago both felt that it was time to move forward with adoption. We both felt an urgency, almost like we already had a child out there somewhere, and that we needed to find that child and bring him or her home. We began praying for direction, and felt God leading us to work with an adoption agency, despite not knowing how we would pay for it.

So far, God has provided everything we’ve needed, exactly when we need it—and in some pretty crazy ways! We are just trusting that He will continue to provide, and we thank you so much for your help!

We are so excited about becoming parents! I can’t wait until our home is filled with the sounds of children’s laughter. Since starting this journey, our love and passion for adoption has only grown. We pray daily for our children, whoever and wherever they are, and can’t wait to bring them home

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