Home Office Space

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Okay I know I keep mentioning this office area that I need your help decorating but have yet to post some pictures. Pictures coming soon!

Anyway this is actually a great office space. It's really spacious with tons of cabinets. Cabinets pretty much around the entire room except for one little corner.

It's that one little corner that I'm wondering what to do with. Been thinking of getting one of those nice bistro sets to go there. That would provide another surface area to work at. lol!

On the other end of this office space there is a bar area with great cabinetry, a counter top and a small sink. Hubby thinks it's his bar area but I really need it to be more functional as a work space instead. I look at it as a waste of space if you don't ever use it. If it does end up being just a pretty bar then a bistro set would still be great cause now you have a small sitting area for your pretty bar. Oh yeah then we can just add an espresso maker in that bar and have iced mocha's when desired! Then we'll really get some use out of this bar area.

So what do you say, pretty bar that never gets used or nice functional work space???


  1. You always take great photos...and a bar height table would be a great option to set up photo shoots and if you have one of those pop-up photo screen/box you can set it up on there when you need a CLEAN space. I'm afraid that if you set it up as a work-space then it will get loaded with stuff and not get used...ya know like out kitchen counters and how they collect everything. Hope htis helps, fondly, Roberta

  2. Thanks so much for your input Roberta! That's true it may get loaded with stuff instead of being used for what it was made for. Huh???

  3. My vote would be for functional because I am always running out of space. I do like the comment above though about using the space for photoshoots. I guess my question would be- Do you need the space to be functional or are all your needs met elsewhere?

    Found you from New Friend Friday