More Thrifty Treasures

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have you been thrifting lately or saleing as my brother and I like to call it when we go to yard sales? You can bet I have! Check out some of the treasures in my neck of the woods.

Planter plans for those rain boots. And I have a thing for wire baskets and metal containers lately. :) Might be able to get some use out of those for my office. Which by the way I need your ideas for soon.

A small ladle and that candy dish oh I love that candy dish. The white glass the knobby details!

And just look at the underside!

Cute little vintage sewing basket which may be of use in my office also.

A cool old frame, you know real light weight plastic and the screw on back! And a neat new to me caddy for my jewelry making tools!

There's just something about those old, vintage, used items! The quality and beauty of those yesteryear's.

Have you been saleing lately??? What neat items have you found? What do you love about thrift items?

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  1. love that milk glass candy dish...i too have a thing for the white glass:-) great finds!

  2. I don't go sale-ing much myself. I don't have a good eye for what things "could be." And, I am a mess at painting.

    I like your ideas though. I wish you could come decorate my house!

  3. I LOVE to go yard saleing...just have not had the time here lately, plus it is way to hot here...even early in the morning...Love that saying.."Someone's junk is someone else's treasure" true! It's amazing how we all look at things differently!

  4. Found your blog through New Friend Friday over at the Trendy Treehouse and just have to say WOW! You found some amazing things and like you, I love that candy dish! Great finds!

  5. Lovin' the candy dish and ladle-enjoy!

  6. The ladle and candy dish are my favorites.

  7. I love your finds! I've been looking for a sewing box/basket and a cool ornate oval mirror like that too! And the Hubs wonders why I keep going back out... thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it since I'm just starting it. Please come by and visit again sometime!:)

  8. Amazing treasures! I love thrifting too!!