Thrifty Weekend Deals

Monday, June 28, 2010

If you've spent any time here with me, then you know about my love for secondhand, used, thrifty, loveliness! Check out my great finds over the weekend! Just a few this time.

Okay that lamp! I love it! $2.95 and it works bulb and all and, it's old! Not sure if I should paint it .................................................................................or not???
Doesn't it look great on my end table? I do need to do something with that lampshade though. Any suggestions for that?


Scale and 2 creamer dishes!
The creamer dishes will one day be home to some paperclips, tacks, rubber bands or something for the office. Which I will be posting about soon cause I need your design/decor ideas for my office.

And the globe and scale are in their temporary spot right here above my computer.

Did you have any great finds this weekend?

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  1. Those look like great finds! I need a new scale in a bad way. It's great that you found such a neat one! I'm not much of a re-fashioner though. Sorry I can't help you there.

  2. LOve the lamp, did you find this stuff at garage sales? I love going garage saling but I haven't had too much luck this year. My hubby has been having a lot of luck on free cycle though.

  3. I love the globe!!!! Great deal on the lamp Love the Fly leaf song too!!!

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Halleeluhah Mommy - These items were found at a local thrift store and flea market.

  5. Don't paint that awesome looking lamp...I love just as it is! Thanks for coming to my PARTY and for the comment!


  6. Those are fabulous finds. Love that lamp. I'm a fan of changing things up, but I adore that lamp just the way it is!

  7. Who doesn't love a good deal, right?

    Thanks for stopping over and commenting on my's so nice to have visitors.

    I've been sifting through your pages - so many wonderful projects. I've seen many of them featured around the Web.

    Loving your Mario stuff. Wish I would have seen this before the Mario party we had in May :)

  8. I love the lamp...I think I would paint it, however, it looks great as is on your table. Great find on the globe too. I have a garage salen party going on right now, runs until Monday if you are interested, we love stuff like this. Would love to have ya!

  9. I did have a great find I am linked up to Debbie Doo also, I don't think I would touch that lamp, it's perfect. I see 2 little boy's in the picture, they will love the globe. There was a time that everyone had a globe, you seldom see them any more!


  10. Just adore that scale and what a great job you did with displaying everything!!!


  11. THanks for joining in!!~:)Debbie

  12. Love that lamp! That scale is also awesome. Great finds!

  13. The lamp is gorgeous! Please do not paint it! Love the scale. Happy 4th!

  14. Do not paint the lamp. The shape of the shade is incorrect. It needs a "barrel" shade, with straight sides.