Easy end of year teacher gift.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Hydrangea in a basket and that red basket is actually a sun hat! So it's like 2 gifts in one.

Oh yeah and that card is actually that set of personalized stationary I won from the English Pea! So it's like 3 gifts in one. :)
We wrapped the pot of the plant in the sun hat ($2.50 Target) and tied with tulle.

Then we securely taped the package of personalized stationary to a dowel and stuck it in. The English Pea stationary comes packaged in a clear cello bag so it worked out perfectly for attaching to the dowel.


  1. What a clever idea and thanks for mentioning my cards. I hope your teacher enjoys them - and the rest of her fabulous gift!

  2. Cute, I bet she was so happy she didn't get apples!


  3. Great idea!! There's a gift that says summer. I bet that teacher was thrilled! :-)

  4. Oh my word - this is the cutest thing! My son's teacher is a gardener and this is a perfect idea. Thanks!

    BTW - this or many of your other posts would make a lovely addition to my Practice Hospitality post this week!

  5. What a great idea.

    Linked to you from New Friend Friday