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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

But he's not, not anymore anyway!
Do you struggle with weight and weight loss?

This is  Dave, my younger brother. Both of these photos were taken in late 2007 at around 420lbs.

And today March 2010 Dave now weighs in at 187 lbs. with a total weight loss of 236 lbs! What is most amazing about this is the fact that he has done it all natural with diet and exercise! No surgery or procedures, but some serious determination, self control and readiness!

Dave was overweight his entire life and I seriously think God made him that way so that he could get to this point in his life. The point where he is now feeling a tug in the direction to help others who are overweight.

He just started a blog to document this, to inspire, and help others. It is called This Little Piggy Went to the Gym. I am so excited about his new blog, please go check it out and see more about his story. Go say hi, follow him if you like but most importantly, BE INSPIRED!

He is still going strong! Go Dave!!! You are AWESOME!

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  1. This is absolutely amazing. I hope he will be a blessing to many others. Congrats to him!!

    I found you via FF and am following.

    Follow back at

    Can I just say again, GO DAVE!!!