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My wake-up call.

I recently celebrated a birthday and this is what was played right when I woke. Dad (hubby) was already at work but he got our son all set up on what to do. I got up and he says "mom come here". Then he goes over to the computer and clicks play. Then points to my gifts behind the computer. (I'll share those in another post.) Thank you guys! I love you!

This song is actually a tradition that started when my husband and I got married. On his birthday that first year I blasted this song on our home stereo to wake him. Then to my surprise he did the same thing on my birthday and now it's our little tradition. We kinda kept it low-key for a few years while having babies and not quite wanting to wake them. Played it quietly or waited til they woke but now I think it's time we blast that home stereo every birthday morning and wake up the neighborhood! What do you think?
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