All you need is Love (I mean Pizza!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I heart Pizza! Absolutely love it. When asked my favorite food, it's pizza. My husband and one of my kiddos likes it just as much as the next person, but my other kiddo shares this love of pizza with me. We should have a pizza place. ;)

Don't you think this is the prefect valentine gift for 2 pizza lovers? My husband had this Heart Shaped Pizza made for us for valentine's day. Isn't it sweet? Thank you Sweetheart. I love you!
All you need is pizza, pizza's all you need.


  1. How amazing is that?! What a sweetie of a husband you have! I would be all like "I can't eat it! It's just too cute!" hehe

  2. That is so cool! Pepperoni is even the same color most people use for their hearts.