25 Names of Jesus Countdown Display Idea

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yesterday I posted the 25 Names of Jesus Countdown, which is a free printable item. Today I want to share one idea on how to display them. 

Erin of Worthy of the Prize asked me to create this printable countdown, each day she will be explaining one of the 25 names and she wanted a printable to go along with it. Be sure to follow along at Worthy of the Prize. This is a great way to keep Christ in Christmas! If you haven't snagged this printable yet you can do so HERE.

The general idea for this countdown is to cover one name of Jesus each day and discuss it together as a family, also counting down the days to Christmas. There are several ways to display this countdown, here is just one!

• First print each part, front and back. You can do this at home or save the files and have a local print shop do it for your.
• After you have printed each part (front and back) cut them out.
• Next punch a hole in the middle of the left an right sides.
• Using a really long ribbon or string, slide on each part to create a long garland.
 • String the entire garland around your tree or display anywhere in your home.
• Each day remove one countdown name/number. Read the Bible verse on the back side and discuss the name for that day together as a family. When you get to number 1 you will have covered 25 names of Jesus! Yeah now that's Christ in Christmas right there baby!!!

Like I said this is just one way to display it. You could also, instead of removing one each day, add one instead. This way will allow you to build your garland each day and at the end have the complete set of names for display.  If you come up with something else we'd love to hear about it!!!

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