Thrifty Love {link party #47} Photo Tips

Friday, October 12, 2012

Yay! It's Thrifty Love time! To those that sell your thrifted things I want to ask for pointers on photos. Do you shoot photos individually right when you get your things or do you shoot photos in batches once you have a collection of things or what seems to work best for you? Give us your best tips on that and any other photo tips you think might be useful.

The tips that I have for photos (or what works for me) are take photos outside. The natural light seems to do my photos the most justice. Also remove clutter from the background, It's distracting and sloppy looking. A solid (wall or poster board) or wide open background looks best. If things are gonna be in the background make them far off enough so that they just appear to be a blur. That's just my 2 cents!

So this week I have a few Halloween theme things to share with you. I recently picked up this house. I think It's adorable. I love the just a touch of orange on the pumpkin, and the vintage look of it.

It appears to say McCoy LTD on the side. Anyone know anything about this? Could it be a McCoy pottery piece? Huh huh huh??? I might be listing this one if anyone is interested.

I am not big on Halloween decor however I do like some things and I like them vintage looking. Each of these items were picked up on the thrift! You will notice they are all cute and happy lol!
How about you what kinds of Halloween decor do you like?

Now for some features from our last Thrifty Love party!

The Night Garden shared this lovely bowl.
I'd love to pick one of these up one day!

2ndhand Moon shares her wonderful spot at the antique mall
and her great score on a new to her shelf!

Tatter and Fray always has such neat things to share.
I had to feature these lamps cause you just don't see them that often!

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  1. Hi - back again to join in. Like your photo tips. My tough one is night shoots when I'm working on a project and avoiding the glare of ceiling lights reflecting on my object. Thanks for hosting.

  2. @Joy@aVintageGreenYes Joy I hate that reflection of those ceiling lights too! I almost never take my photos inside, I dislike flash lighting as well. Photos sure can be tricky. Thanks for the comments on the blog.

  3. I'm not much on Halloween decor either, but you found some cuties. Hope your haunted house is McCoy! LOVE the bowl in your features, must go visit. Thanks for hosting. Joining in today to show off my "pyjamas" plaque! :-)

  4. @Pam~ Virginia Retro Hi Pam thanks for stopping by and joining us! On my way to visit you now!

  5. Hi - glad you are hosting, I am joining in. I haven't done much halloween decorating, just pumpkins and a wreath so far.

  6. Hi, that number letters things didn't work so I will try again.

    Thanks for hosting. I take most of my pictures outside, better lighting.

  7. That McCoy haunted house was a great find! McCoy is a huge collectiable. I only have one Mccoy piece and I always look for them. Thank you for sharing at TTF. Have a terrific day!

  8. Thanks for featuring my lamps from last week! I love your haunted house...I'm sure it's McCoy pottery. They made a lot of novelty pieces in the 60s and 70s. I never take photographs outside...too lazy to drag everything out there. :) I wait for a sunny day and set up shop next to a window! Have a great week!

  9. Thanks for the feature! Your photography tips are spot on; I'm always trying to remind myself to keep clutter out of the backgrounds. It's hard in my little house, so like you, I find taking photos outside is a great way to do that most of the time!

  10. what a cute spooky house! i do photograph my stuff outside too.. there is nothing better than natural lighting :)

  11. Love the haunted house, so cute!! The only Halloween items I see at the thrifts here are dollar store junk, you're lucky!!

  12. What wonderful treasures. Thanx for joining THT.

  13. I take most photos inside near a window but still struggle to keep the background clear. To solve that, I bought a large piece of foam core at the Dollar store and covered one side in old sheet music and one side in old dictionary pages. It makes a nice, neutral background. I can lay items on it and shoot from above or prop it up on a table if I need to shoot something bigger.

    LOVE the little Haunted House!