Thrifty Love {link party #48}

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey friends! Thanks for some great photo tips last week. I'd love to hear more if you got any. This week I am sharing this typewriter. I picked this up in my dad's garage. He's been going through his stuff and this was in there, he was getting rid of it. He said it was my grandpa's.
But ahhh what to do with it??? Keep it, sell it, put it in the garden??? It is sitting here on my office floor. It is suuuuuper heavy and my husband calls it the anchor because we all keep tripping over and getting hung up on it lol! I think I may use it as a piece of decor in my office makeover if that ever happens. I think it would make a fantastic Halloween decor/prop add some webs, spiders and a creepy note! If you have one I'd love to hear in the comments how you use yours. So that's what I got!

Now on to your features. I usually post the ones that catch MY eye but this week I am doing the features a bit differently. I am posting the ones that got the most visits. First up...

Land of EnCRAFTment shares the before and Halloween after
of this thrifted Victorian boot. Isn't that smart!

Virginia Retro shows us the great deal on this gentleman's wardrobe. I would definitely want to make it my craft closet. Lots of compartments in this baby even a tall side for gift wrap! (I'm Dreaming)

Mini Matriarchin picked up these great spoons! I love them! These long ones are perfect for a nice tall glass of sweet iced tea (which by the way we are still drinking over here cause it's still 97 degrees.)!

 Alright lets play!


  1. Thanks for hosting, glad I could join in this week.

  2. Uggggg... I`m not into keeping thngs that you dont LOVE... But you may want to hang onto that for a while and think about it... Rare cool find and your grandpas!!!

  3. Tough to type on but great in vignettes these days. Thanks for hosting, glad I could join in.

  4. Thanks for hosting, it is a pitty that there is no weather for icetea here in Germany, but thanks for showing my spoons.
    I am linking up with my lucky find from friday!

  5. thanks for hosting have a lovely weekend

  6. I love your typewriter! My grandpa had one just like it. He was a newspaper reporter and after he retired, he'd type looong letters to the family on it. I would do anything to have it now. :)

  7. The typewriter is wonderful! I want one :) Thank you so much for featuring my witch boot - it made my day! - and for hosting Thrifty Love!

  8. Thanks for sharing the article.