Vendors Needed!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hi friends! I am super excited to be approaching that 1000 blog followers mark! You know right over there
on that Google Friend Connect thingy. It's kind of exciting cause when you first start your blog you don't think you will ever get 1000 followers. Right??? Anywho, I am hoping to celebrate with a BIG giveaway bash or celebration!  Sound fun? I will for sure be including some gift certificates to Cap Creations, probably some of my vintage/thrifty love things (for my thrifty friends) and another surprise or two!

Here is where I need you (or some of you at least)! 

I am looking for people that would like to donate prizes to my giveaway bash. If you make or sell something neat I'd love to include you in this giveaway. You too my thrifty friends cause some of y'all sell some neat things!
• I am asking that your total package be a retail value of $25 or more.
• You must be willing to ship the prize directly to the winner at your expense, in a timely manner.
• You must allow me to use photos of your product on my blog for the giveaway post.

In return you will receive:
• Your very own blog post featuring your giveaway that will stay on the blog forever.
• Links to your shop, blog, etc (you choose) included in that post.
• Your button placed on my sidebar for the entire week of the giveaway bash!

If you are interested or have any questions or suggestions please contact me via my contact page.

If you're just here for the prizes than please grab a button below, not mandatory but it will gain you extra entries!!!
Copy & paste the code to your website or blog!
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  1. I'm number 1000! Ohmygoodness! Congratulations to you, what a milestone.

  2. Oh yay! Saw that you have 1,000 followers now :) Congrats!! :) xo