Back to School 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day of school, that was yesterday yes it was! I now have a 3rd grader and my little one is starting Kindergarten.

Overall the day turned out great however the morning was a bit difficult. Not for my little one as one would expect, but for my 3rd grader. What???  He had MAJOR anxiety and was a nervous wreck. I just don't get it. He knows the kids in his class, ALL of them! Every single one! He is however moving to the "BIG KID" playground and apparently that is difficult (for boys?). He is now one of the younger kids on the big kid field. To top it off he is little for his age. (Asthma parents, is your kid small from taking the asthma meds?) He ended up having a good day but dreaded going again this morning. Hang in there E mama is praying for you. You will do fine. Joshua 1:9 is the verse I shared with him this morning before school. Also shared  the song Underdog by Audio Adrenaline. You may be little but you've got skills babe use them. Mama is your biggest fan!

This little guy ↓ did great! His best friend from preschool is in his class so that makes it fun and his teacher is like family! When we pulled into the drive after school yesterday and he gets out and says " I don't know what I was so nervous about." Love that! He had a good day.

This my friends is what we bust our hiney for, it's why my husband works overtime and why I sell on my website and on etsy. It's not for shiny new cars or fancy cell phones, not for shoes or handbags. Believe me, we have NONE of that but we sacrifice for this... send our children to a school where prayer is a normal part of the day and learning about God and the Bible is a regular part of the curriculum. The sacrifice and hard work is so worth it.

Hope everyone else starting up the new school year is doing fine.

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