Thrifty Love {link party #35}

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hi there! Who's ready for Thrifty Love? I've got a few neat things to share this week. Each of them are now listed in my vintage etsy shop if anyone is interested.

Some awesome vintage/retro bar ware glasses.

 A funky snack tray.

US Mail letter holder.

I've heard one blogger or comment referring to buying their vintage items on etsy or ebay as cheating. Cheating cause you didn't really find the item yourself but rather you cheated by making the purchase on one of these sites. I do understand the point they are making however on the other hand I am TOTALLY about supporting small home based businesses like myself (my jewelry and now vintage etsy section) and see absolutely no problem with "cheating" making a purchase on one of these sites for something you like. When you do this you really DO impact the bottom line of REAL people!

So what do you think of that? Do you think its cheating when you buy a vintage item on etsy or ebay or do you see it as supporting small businesses/real people? If you see it as cheating than just figure it's cheating for a good cause lol!

Here are some features from last week!
Bliss and Vinegar shares this most adorable cookie jar.
Isn't it adorable?

A creamer dish always catches my attention!
Like this tiny 3 inch set from A Little Bit of Everything.

Woman in Real Life found this fantastic girls dress!
Don't you love that floral pattern and colors?

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  1. Thanks for hosting. Enjoyed looking at your finds. Buying a vintage piece - well, it is bought one way or the other. If we are lucky it is thrifted. If we are lucky it can be found on etsy or in a collectibles mall or antique store.

  2. Absolutely love that snack set and that letter holder just draws me in.
    It is definitely not cheating. Buying vintage is a great way to reuse and recycle and save things from going to the landfill.

  3. Fun retro finds! And I couldn't agree more with the "supporting families instead of CEO's". Since our entire income comes from our small Herb business, I can so relate to that. I will be setting up a small resale store online soon and the profits will be used to do crazy things like put gas in our truck! So, I might just have to swipe that little sign and use it. Thank you for sharing at TTF and have a great day!

  4. Cheating? How is purchasing defined as cheating. That is a ridiculous statement. Love finding treasures, shopping flea market, antique shops, etc, bidding on eBay & buying on Etsy. Maybe they need to look up cheating in the dictionary.

    That said, Thanks for hosting your party, joining in. Love your snack set & enjoyed the really cute features.

  5. A purchase is a purchase no matter where you shop, cheating - how ridiculous. Let me also send you my thanks for hosting this party, I love joining in each week. Everything you found this week is lovely, but I am in love with the letter holder.

  6. Thanks for hosting and for featuring the pic of my daughter in her new dress. So sweet of you!

  7. I just love all of your treasures, especially the mail holder! Your photographs are gorgeous, too!

  8. Hello! I'm coming from Tatter and Fray. Super cool finds! Love the US Mail mail holder!

  9. Hi, just found you tonight and linked up! I don't see how you can cheat at something that's not... regulated? Unless they mean it doesn't count for one of these link-ups if it's bought that way, which I suppose I can understand, but... it's not a competition, so who cares? I just like to see all the awesome stuff, like the mail dealie you scored, which rocks!

  10. Those glasses are really cool!

    Sometimes I do feel like it's cheating because it took some of the hunting and surprise out of thrifting, but if I see a good enough deal on something I've been wanting online, I snatch it up. :)