tiny succulents

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here is a most adorable little plant that will go almost anywhere.

Simply drill a hole in the center of each cork being careful not to go through the sides or bottom.

Next, on the cork place a single initial or small word (mom). On the above I used the citra solv transfer method (you can google that) which I did not really care for as the letters were to light for my liking. On the "C" below I used a rubber stamp (picked up in the dollar bins) and StazOn ink pad so it won't run.

On the opposite side of the initial glue (E6000 is the BEST!) a small magnet.

Add a tiny bit of soil, and a tiny succulent. Add bit more soil on the top of your succulent then some moss. I soaked my moss in water for a few minutes to make it more manageable. Just poke the moss right in where you want it with a tooth pick.

Now water and it's done! A tiny bit of water every 10-14 days will do. Use a dropper or a gentle squirt from a spray bottle to water. It's tiny! 

 Here they are on my lovely little thrift tray.
I actually have my "C" on the fridge and I love looking at it each time I go in the kitchen. The others were for my mom and sisters in law for Mother's Day. I think they would make super wedding favors or teacher gifts. How about you? What would you do with them?

The blank corks are from Inventive Gears on etsy.


  1. What a wonderful idea! They are so cute. Love it!

  2. Those are seriously the cutest EVER! I'm so envious that they live with you and not with me. ;) Happy weekend, sugar! xo