Guest post: Thankful ornaments by MJ of 517 Creations

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hi there! My name is MJ and you can usually find me blogging over at 517 Creations.   I have the greatest job in the world: being a stay-at-home momma of my wild and wonderful little boy. I'm married to a youth pastor, which often make for such a fun (and crazy) life!

The project I wanted to share with you today is a little something that you can do with your kids before you pack away all of your Christmas decorations.  I called it our thankful ornament.

We made this one in 2006, just after our first year of marriage, and used to it "record" things that we were thankful for from that year. 

I simply typed out things that we were thankful for (on plain computer paper), cut the paper into 1/4 inch strips, rolled them into "curls" in stuck them in the ornament.  I also added some "curls" of red and green scrapbooking paper. 

To make it easier to see what we were thankful for from that year, I created a little tag to attach to the top of the ornament that listed everything. Tie a few ribbons to the top and you're done!

It's a fun tradition and a great way to look back on the great things from the past years!

The girls over at Shanty2Chic just posted a variation on this project a few days ago.  Check it out here.

Wouldn't this be great to do with your kids before New Years?  Especially since you can find all of the Christmas stuff for more than 50% off!

Thanks again to Cat for allowing me to guest post today!  I'd love for you to visit me over at 517 Creations!


  1. Thank you for guest posting today! What a fantastic idea and it looks so pretty and fun! Very whimsical, love how you added the colored pieces.

    These would even be great as themed ornaments that are not necessarily for Christmas. Just add saying that go along with a certain theme.

    Thank you again MJ, love having you.

  2. Great idea!!! I love it! I think my husband & I will do it before the years end.
    What a blessings, Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great idea - I bought tons of those empty glass ornaments before Christmas!

  4. Thanks for your sweet comments, ladies! Be sure to share pictures of your ornaments if you finish them! :)