What Do I Know of Holy? {The Storm}

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We had such a positive response to the {Blessings} print that I shared with you last week, I decided that this week I should share the {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18} print with you.

It was also created by 517 Creations as a compliment to the {Blessings} print that I posted last Wednesday.
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When I asked Mary Jo to create the original {Blessings} print, we put this scripture reference on it because I thought it was a perfect description of what Laura Story wrote about in her song Blessings, that I shared with you last week. If you did not get a chance to listen to it, go here and listen. Seriously, it is an incredible song.

To me, this passage of scripture has always been a tough one. Even though I know that we are supposed to thank God in all things and even "praise him in the storm," I have always struggled with it.

Can you relate?

But after going through "the storm" and hearing this song, it brought new meaning to these verses and I have come to a better understanding of what it means to rejoice always and to give thanks in all circumstances. Honestly, the pray without ceasing part has always been a little easier. I am pretty much in constant communication with God all day long, desperately needing his help and always demanding something from him. :)

Now, do not misunderstand. It is still very, very difficult {at times} to rejoice during times of trial {depending on the trial} but I can truly say that I am slowly learning how to do it. And though I do not always like it, I really do cherish the growth it brings in my relationship with God and the way it makes me more like Christ, helping me to better understand what he went through for us.

I hope this {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18} print and the {Blessings} print bless you as much as they have blessed me and my household. As soon as I find the perfect spot, my plan is to frame/display them side by side as a reminder for all who enter to see.

It will be a beautiful display.

And in case you may be thinking, "that's a nice song but Laura has not been through what I have been through." You might be right. But do you know what inspired her to write this beautiful song? Her husband's battle with brain cancer.


So, what about you? Have you been able to praise God, even in "the storm"?

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Happy Wednesday, friends!

I truly look forward to our time together each week, be sure to invite your friends to join us next week! "See" you then! :)

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  1. I was thinking of storms this week, too. We all have a tendency to think our storm has more "thunder." Blessings is such a beautiful song. It was sung as a solo not long ago at our church.

    Thank you for the beautiful printable verse.


  2. Wanted to let you know about the giveaway I am doing. Hope you stop by and enter!
    <3 Christina'Marie

  3. I love that song by Laura Story. It's a powerful reminder to all of us that blessings sometimes come through difficult times.
    Thank you for stopping by my linky party!