Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where to begin...(sigh). September is a hard month for us. It's hard to believe it's really been 10 years since your passing. We miss you terribly and it's hard around here without you. Yet, at the same time it seems like just yesterday that we said goodbye. Looking back I remember thinking why couldn't it be after your birthday that you pass. Then thinking that I was just thankful that it wasn't on your birthday. Duane says that God knew that the tragic events of 9/11 were going to unfold and this is why he called you home so early. He knew he was gonna need your help up there.

It hurts my heart deeply that our boys don't get to know you in person. The wonderful you! They know you through the stories we tell though. About your crazy, witty, quirky personality and your positive, go get 'em, winning attitude! You are talked about quite often to them. The little one loves taking you flowers. He will ask out of the blue. Then we all make a wish at the humongous fountain that is near your headstone. But I'm sure you already know all this.

Ella we love you dearly. I wish I had more time to know you as my mother in law. 4.5 months was not enough but I'll take it. And I am thankful for the couple of years I knew you before I married your son. He is a wonderful husband and a super father and I thank you for showing him how to love. He has his moments and I know when he's missing you.

It seems that your song, the one you two danced to for the mother son dance at our wedding, it ALWAYS comes on at just the right time. It's like a little reassurance that even though you are gone you are still here. It's like your little way of saying it's okay.

On this 10 year anniversary of your passing and always we miss you and we love you. And in 2 days happy birthday.

Here's to you...


  1. What a precious post... No doubt it was a little tough to write, but there is also no doubt that it is a beautiful post that honors who I am sure was a wonderful woman!

  2. Thank you Ashley. This is a hard month for us.

  3. Cathy!! I love this picture of Ella. Your words were beautiful & brought tears to my eyes!! I know Ella is always looking down on your beautiful family & see's what an amazing job you & Duane are doing as parents.
    Please give Duane, yourself & the boys big hugs from Uncle Pete & Aunt Deena. xoxo

  4. This is beautiful post. You could really feel you love through it. I hope that you and your family get through this time with the love of all your good memories in your heart.

  5. Thank you Deena. I love this picture of her too and so many others. I will give big hugs from you.

    Lizzy thank you for your kind comments.

  6. Hugs. What a touching tribute.