Blog Tip: Outbound Links Open in a New Window

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here's a great and handy tip for you bloggers. Don't ya hate it when you add a link in your blog post and it leads people away from your blog? I sure do!

Well, did you know there's a tiny bit of code that you can add to make ALL outgoing links open in a new window? It's very easy to add to your blog.

You simply add a gadget in your design area and select add "HTML/JavaScript", paste the code and save. Now all outgoing links will open in a new window but links that link to your own blog will not! (Hate when I click on home and it opens in a new window.)

This handy tip comes from The Munson's Apps. They were super helpful in helping me do this! Click on over to The Munson's Apps to get the code. And check out their other many tips. Also like their facebook page and let them know Cap Creations sent you.

The Munson\

A BIG thank you Munson's Apps for this fab tip! We love it! Go ahead and click on a link and see how it will open in a new window! Then click on an internal link and see how it doesn't. Love that!

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