Time Flies and Cherry Tree

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wow! Where does the time go? Is Friday really almost over?! And was Monday really my last post?! We have been so busy around here with your orders! Thank you! We are also busy planning a Wimpy Kid birthday party! What a challenge that has been.

Remember the post about the Cherry Tree? And the many questions about whether or not this tree is finally gonna get some cherries? Well guess what? IT DID! Only about 5 but they were HUGE, And though they were not super red in color they were ripe and so so very sweet and yummy! I only hope the tree will continue to produce more each year.

Those of you with cherry trees or have some knowledge of them, should this tree continue to produce fruit each year? It was in the yard before we bought the home and have been here about 6 years and this was the first year that we had cherries. We were so excited for our 5 cherries!

The back side was kinda white/yellow, but it still tasted so good. Could it be the variety (that I don't know) that makes it not turn color? Look how HUGE!

Have a great weekend Friends!


  1. Wow those cherries are huge...and they look so yummy. The pictures make you want to eat one...LOL.

  2. Such beautiful cherries!!! Every year the cherries at work are colored like that, so I figure it might be a sun thing. It's usually just the side that doesn't get direct sun... I really have no idea though! :D
    -I can't wait to read/see that Wimp Kid party! I just watched Rodrick Rules yesterday, and I love it just as much as the first! (I've still not read the books, but they are on my list because I LOVE the movies!!)

    -Many Smiles!!

  3. You might be lucky and have a Rainier Cherry Tree! These cherries are mostly light yellow with red spots when they ripen. Yours must be DELICIOUS since those are so red!

    These cherries also happen to be some of the most expensive so indulge happily :)