Remember Brady?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The sweet boy with down syndrome that was abandoned at birth and is currently in a mental institute because of his disability?
Well the Hartmans (Brady's forever family) are still raising funds to go get him and they are sooooo close!

I wanted to share a couple of things so this sweetie can get home to mommy and daddy!

PLEASE click on over to the Hartman's blog HERE. They currently have an auction going on that ends tonight! Go check it out and maybe you'll want to bid on something to help bring Brady home.


Worthy of the Prize has created a special page on their site called BRING BRADY HOME!

The ENTIRE PROCEEDS (ALL PROCEEDS) of everything they sell off this page between April 24th (Easter Sunday) through May 8th (Mother's Day)  will be donated to the Hartman family!!!

Is that generous or what?! And the prices are great!

They have items that are perfect for Mother's Day, baby shower and birthday gifts. They are perfect for spring/summer as well. Go check it out HERE!

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