The Tiniest

Friday, March 11, 2011

Did you know that if only 6% of Christians would adopt the orphanages would be empty? And Did you know that the Bible commands 5000X for us to take care of orphans and widows?  Not all have been called to adopt but that does not mean we can't help in other ways. I encourage each of you to come donate just $5 to help bring Brady home!

Today I have Julia here to share with you about Brady. The little one we are trying to raise money for. Julia met Brady when she went to adopt her son. Her other post HERE has me in tears each time I read it. I ask you to take a moment and read it too and open your hearts. 

And here is Julia today to share about Brady.

The Tiniest

He's the little one at the back of the line.  The tiniest in the group.  The one that captured our hearts while we were adopting Aaron.  The little guy who tried in every way he could to get us to carry him out of there too.  Little escape artist Brady.  Running as fast as little legs would carry him to get away - anywhere - somewhere.  Bored.  Oh so bored sitting every single solitary day doing absolutely nothing.  Just one tiny little boy.  Among so many Lost Boys.  Right now he is walking through his days - surviving.  Trying with all his might to escape the confines of an institute whose goal is to suck the heart and soul out of its inhabitants.  He was fighting when we left.  Dear sweet little Brady.  Fighting with all his little tiny being to get out of those bare, lonely buildings.

I want to shout across the ocean for him to hang on just a wee bit longer.  Mommy is coming little Brady.  Daddy is packing his bags.  They are so close.  So close to crossing that ocean.  Hang on sweet one.  You are out of there soon!!

I rejoice - daily - that sweet little Brady is going to escape.  I am so grateful that God has raised up a family - a committed family - the Hartmans - who have been diligently working to get their paperwork in order so that they can go get their little runner.  They have been working so hard at raising funds.  It hasn't been easy and they have a lot left to raise.  They are so excited - and so scared.  It is a big deal to cross that ocean.   It is a big deal to go where they need to go and do what they need to do to rescue that lonely little boy.  They need our prayers.  They need our support.  Please put them on your prayer lists.  Cover them NOW and cover them FOR THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS as they journey across the ocean. 

It is a big mountain ahead of them but we know that God is the one who desires to see the gates come crashing down on these institutes.  He desires for the captives inside to be set free.  So we know that He is going to carry this family across the ocean and provide them all that they need to finish what He started. 

He's going to do this through us.

The church.

We need to rally behind the Hartmans.  So many of us prayed for tiny little Brady - the tiniest Lost Boy of all - to find a home - a family - people who would love him - care for him - give him baths and toys and hugs and kisses and Pooh Bears.  We prayed.  We stormed heaven.  And God answered our prayers.  

The Hartmans are going.  But we can't stop rallying.  They are going to an institute that has barely been opened.  There are still chains on the fences.  Alyona and Slavik have only visited one time.  One.  It is fragile there.  We need to cover the Hartmans in prayer.  We need to stand with them.  Support them.  Go to their blog and let them know that they are not alone.   Please. 

You can follow their blog HERE.  Make comments.  Encourage them.  Let them know we are out here!  In terms of finances, they need help.  They have dear friends who are helping them raise money and right now they have a huge assortment of Giveaways for them on their blog.  You can visit that blog HERE.

 Please help the Hartmans raise what they need to get that little guy home and PLEASE PLEASE pray for them. 

Lift them to the throne. 
Pray for the Lost Boys.  Storm heaven for them.  They are so needy.  So desperately needy.
Pray that the Hartmans will be able to see Heath - He is still available.  Pray that he will find a family.  A Mommy and a Daddy who will get him out of his shared wheelchair and off the piece of carpet on the floor.  Give him something else to play with besides a piece of dirty string. 
Pray church. 
And finally... Please Please pray that Jonah won't take Brady's place in that line. 
 I just can't stand the thought!  

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