Happy St. Patrick's Surprise

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Okay so about 2 weeks back I had a giveaway for the The Lucky 4 Leaf Clover. The way to enter was to share what you love about St. Patrick's Day or a tradition that you do on this day.

I absolutely loved reading your St Patrick's Day comments! Loved them so much that I decided for fun I would to pick MY favorite top 3 comments. And these 3 would get a $25 dollar gift certificate to the shop!!! Woo woo!! So here they are MY top 3 favorite comments about St Patrick's Day!

Comment #6 was...
The Original Drama Mama said...  Very, very Celtic family here...my 7 year old is an Irish dancer and will be performing on St. Pat's - we have corned beef and cabbage at my mother's house, I get my 1 annual Shamrock shake of the year, the husband and I go and have a perfectly poured Guinness at a local pub, as of Sunday, my house is dressed for the holiday!

My girls build leprechaun traps, I make my to die for Irish brownies - lots and lots the whole month through :)Sláinte! Thanks for the giveaway

Comment #8 was...
The Blaisdell Family said...  We try to have a "Green" meal on St. P-day. Green eggs, green hashbrowns, green milk, green ham and green jello. The kids LOOOOOVVVE it! And I'll be honest, so do I. :)

And I LOVE this necklace for the giveaway! I want it really bad!!!!!!!!!

Comment #25 was...
Ladybird Ln said...  I love pinching people.. haha j/k... We usually eat a green meal as well.
If you are one of the LUCKY 3 please email to claim your prize!


  1. Oh my goodness! Wow, how thoughtful of you :)

    I am feeling extra lucky right now and can't wait to go shopping!!!

  2. I blogged about your lucky surprise!