Hand Stamped Washer Keychains Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Thursday, December 9, 2010

These are perfect for the entire family! Kids especially love them!

The keychains pictured here were given last year at a family Christmas party and they were an absolute hit!
Kids love them on their backpacks, coat zippers, lunchboxes and more! And the great thing is it will label their items too if you choose to have a name stamped on them.

Get them soon! Our Christmas cut off date is tomorrow, Dec. 10th!

Use coupon code Christmas10 for 15% off your entire order! Good through tomorrow only!


  1. I just tried to order a key chain for my husband, but when i entered the coupon code the discount didn't go through? not sure if i did something wrong. i'll try again later. thanks


  2. Anonymous- Huh I wonder what the problem was??? I just tried it and it worked. Use Christmas10 no spaces. And it needs to go in the "Discount coupon" box not the "Gift voucher" box.

    Sorry you are having issues with this.