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(CLOSED) Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I'm sure you already know this but October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many have been affected by this ugly disease in one way or another. I have an aunt who is a Survivor!!! And my mother in-law lost her battle with breast cancer the same year I married my husband. By the way her bear is doing awesome!!!

So while you are enjoying some fun fall festivities please remember the people that are dealing with breast cancer and say a little prayer for them!

A local bakery was selling these and donating profits to beast cancer! Of course I had to get one!

 And if you have been affected by breast cancer you'll want to check out this song below. Matthew West has this album called The Story of Your Life. Where basically he asked people to write him the stories of their lives and he took those stories and made songs for them. It's pretty awesome! This one is about beast cancer.

And because I'm all about the pink ribbon, I made one of these for one of you! A sterling silver awareness ribbon and a the word hope above a pink glass bead on a sterling silver box chain.

Win it by leaving a comment on this post! We will announce the winner sometime on Monday!

 Has your life been affected by breast cancer?

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  1. That is simply beautiful, Cathy! My Granny was a breast cancer survivor also. She beat cancer twice!

  2. Unfortunately breast cancer runs in my family. My grandmother and mother have both had it. My mom just last year but the doctors say they got it all. This is such a beautiful piece and very sweet of you to give away.

  3. What a beautiful pendant.

    Breast cancer runs in my family. My maternal Grandmother died of breast cancer back in the 60's when there wasn't much they could do for you then. Thankfully my Mom and her sister have been clear. And gratefully so have I.

  4. That is a very beautiful necklace and so thoughtful of you to give it away.

    My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer and we gals all try to be very vigilante with getting our mammos done yearly.

    thanks for having this give away.

  5. What a beautiful necklace and such an important cause. It seems as though everyone is affected by this terrible disease in some way!

  6. I lost my Best Friend, my Sweet Grammy, to this horrible disease last November 9th. Can not believe it is almost a year. What a Beautiful, breathe taking giveaway! I love seeing Breast Cancer Awareness items, even if it is not October. My precious Grammy didn't win the fight. But, I am a firm believer it happened for a reason...The Lord was calling her home. It hurts daily, as I miss her dearly. There are MANY of you that have won the fight! God Bless ALL of you who have! May he continue to Bless you daily with constant remission.

  7. One of my brides just lost her mother to breast cancer a couple of months ago... I'm SO sad for her yet I'm also glad that her mom at least made it to her wedding in May.. and not on pain anymore :( I know the bride is still devastated, and she's running in the Susan G Komen's Race for the Cure for her mom. I'm so proud of her!

    I'm sad to hear about your mom-in-law, Cat, and what you're doing now to spread awareness is wonderful :)


  8. The necklace is beautiful. My best friend and sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. This prompted my co-worker to get her mammogram. My sister died, my co-worker has been a 12 year survivor. The necklace reminds me of the survivor.

  9. Lovely necklace. It is sad to say, but I think everyone is touched by breast cancer in some way. My best friends mom died of it 18 years ago. It is hard to believe that she has been gone that long.

  10. beautiful necklace! i would love to wear it in my grandmothers honor who passed away 10 years ago from breast cancer. She beat it once but then it came back again....thanks for the chance!


  11. My paternal Grandmother had breast cancer not once, but twice. She lost both her breasts as a result but she's still going strong, she'll be 89 next week! As a child I never took it seriously, because she's a little... off... and would always show her chest scars to anyone and everyone. But as an adult, and a woman I can appreciate how scary that must have been, especially back in the 50's when she was going through it. I don't usually worry about it effecting me, but it's always there in the back of my mind lurking!

  12. I would absolutely give this neckalce to my friend whose mother was affected by breast cancer. my friend has done so much to help others out.. she is really an amazing girl! I know she would wear it proudly. hootpuddin (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. It is a beautiful necklace! And I have been touched by breast maternal Grandma (who may rest in peace) had to have a breast removed long time ago due to breast cancer, long before I was born.


  14. My grandmother is a 28 year survivor! I always wear pink for her.

  15. I lost my cousin a few years back to Breast Cancer ... she was such an inspiration, so strong and so willing to go through everything she went through and get the word out to everyone she could about what she believed contributed to her cancer ... diet sodas. So I try to commit to stay away from Diet Soda in her honor as that was her last request to me when I saw her the day before she died. She was in her late 40's ... so sad!!



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