Prayers of a Little One

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last night as I was putting my littlest to bed, he took it upon himself for the first time ever to say his prayers all by himself! It went something like this.

Dear God,

Thank you for today, thank you for a good day today.

Ummm Jesus, when does Santa come? Oh yeah, in the morning...
...of Christmas.

Jesus, please let the army men sleep good and protect them and don't let them fall...
... off a Cliff.

And Jesus I don't want to go to church anymore.


Cute!!! This kid does not like going into the nursery at church. I love that he said his prayers all by himself! Awesome! So what do your kiddies pray about?


  1. This is just about the cutest thing ever!

  2. How sweet! Tell him thank u for praying for the army men :)

  3. Oh my! How precious! I always love when little ones pray, or just when they realize something that God has done and just how it amazes them!

  4. That is SO adorable. My son just does the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, but sometimes he asks things like "What is Precious Sight" mean?

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