Free Printable Lunchbox Note Cards

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yesterday was my big guy's first day back at school. Can you say First Grader?! I can not believe it! Anyway, one thing we do is pack a lunch almost everyday! Here is a peek at yesterday's lunch.

I love putting notes in his box just to let him know that I'm thinking of him.

Here are a few I created! Character elements are from several of the kits at Just So Scrappy.

Feel free to snag the note cards below if you like and come back tomorrow and the next day to get some lunchbox Joke Cards and Bible Verse Cards!

Click on image below to enlarge, click on it again to enlarge even more, right click and save. Print at home (I used card stock) and cut.

Hope you like them! Let me know if you do. It's nice to know those kind of things. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very cute Cathy - I think they are great ... I would have been thrilled to get those in my lunch pale ... :)

  2. How cute! Wish I still have a child in school. Maybe I'll just send little love notes to my grown up daughter :)

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies!

    @ La Maison Reid - That would be awesome! Why can't you send love notes to your adult child? Love that idea!

  4. Oh my goodness that is too funny! Great minds think alike LOL! I love the star shaped sandwich. I just ordered some shape cutters that came today. So excited to use them tomorrow. Do you do anything with the crusts? Or just throw them away...I hate the idea of throwing them away.

    I am totally going to use your joke cards and cute notes! Thanks for the fun downloadables!!

  5. LOVE the joke cards. My older boys will love them, and better than a note that they will think is too mushy. My daughter will love the mush:)

  6. Fantastic thankyou so much I was leaving handmade notes and my boys love these.

  7. These are adorable I posted a link on my blog

  8. Please send me the pdf!! So very cute, will wait for the "Chritian" one also.
    Thank you