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Congrats to my real life BFF!

The term BFF or Best Friend Forever seems to be used pretty loosely lately. But do you have a real best friend forever? I do! I have 2 true blue best friends that I know will be friends forever. Margie who I've known forever and Monica who I've known forever and a day. Today I want to talk about Margie.

I recently sat out in the hot sun at 7 am (yes it's hot here at 7am) to see this girl cross that stage and get that diploma!

After several years (cause yeah, we've been out of high school for awhile now) Margie has earned her BA and is now on her way to her Masters!

So to you Margie I wish you a big fat Congratulations! You finally did it and I am so proud of you! Not only for getting your BA but for doing it as a single mother and working full time! Yes, you Rock! I love you girl! And I know your masters is coming. Keep up the hard work. You will get there soon!

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  1. Margie makes me think of my sister, who started college and then got sidetracked (and married). She got her BA in her thirties and is now happily teaching English Language Arts in junior high.

    It takes a while sometimes, but it is so worth the journey!!!

    Happy Friday,

  2. I am a new follower from New Friend Fridays's! I LOVE your site!!!!! Hope you come visit soon!

    Congrats Margie!!

  3. GREAT SITE!! So many cute things to look through! (And good music too!!) I can't wait to explore more!! I am your newest FRIDAY follower!

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